Hewlett Packard may offer an OpenStack distribution of its own

My Favourite kind of cloud, OpenStack 😉


It’s not news that Hewlett Packard(s hpq) has its own version of OpenStack, called Cloud OS. HP uses it to run an internal cloud sandbox that customers can use to test out applications and it also runs on HP’s Project Moonshot servers. What is new is that HP may make that Cloud OS available externally as yet another OpenStack distribution, company executives said Tuesday.

openstacklogoThe decision has not been made, but Saar Gillai, SVP of HP’s Converged Cloud group, said the company has seen tremendous demand for its particular flavor of OpenStack.

“Even companies that want to build telco equipment say ‘I want the distro I tried in the sandbox versus what’s out there from the various Linux vendors,'” he said.

Linux vendors that also offer OpenStack distributions are Red Hat(s rhat), Canonical/Ubuntu and SUSE, once part of Novell and now owned by Attachmate.

How many OpenStacks do we really…

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