How enterprises are capitalizing on emerging technologies (with a little help from startups)


In a recent survey of global companies by Bain Consulting, fewer than 1 in 5 executives say their companies are “very effective” at breakthrough innovation. While enterprises have long struggled with innovation, emerging technologies have raised the stakes even higher. In virtually every industry challengers are leveraging mobile, social, big data, the cloud and other technologies to develop and bring disruptive new products to market. In addition to technology, lean startups are employing crowdsourcing, agile and other disruptive processes to accelerate and improve their odds of success.

With legacy systems, processes and even people, enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to match the speed and innovativeness of startups. Faced with the rapid pace of emerging technologies and a growing gap in capability, enterprises are trying a number of different approaches to innovate and compete more effectively. Fueled by an ecosystem of investors, accelerators and advisors, startups represent a vital new…

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