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How to Do A SWOT Analysis on Yourself (And Why You Need One)

Stupid WordPress not Embedding proper anymore so Copy and Paste with Quoting Source 😉 One of the most basic lessons you learn in first year business school is the SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. And it’s a … Continue reading

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With the impending economic collapse, some Bartering Basics ;-)

“Post borrowed from 21st century Preppers” Thanks to Jim Cobb Barter and Trade This is one of the most common topics in prepper literature, especially online. I’d estimate it ranks just under bug out bags in terms of popularity. My … Continue reading

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5G in action: KT’s plans to showcase 5G

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I2+R1a+R1b Contact Area – PIE Urheimat

The Maykop culture, the R1b link to the steppe – archeology also shows a clear diffusion of bronze working and kurgan-type burials from the Maykop culture to the Pontic Steppe, where the Yamma culture developed soon afterwards (from 3500 BCE)… … Continue reading

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