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Women: Casual Sex is Not what We were Built to Do

“Our bodies talk to us, ya know.” My gynecologist stares back at me. She can tell I’m hiding something. Here I am for the second time in a month, the bottom half of me is exposed, and I’m about to … Continue reading

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To fully reconcile The Boer War is to fully understand the ‘BLACK’ Concentration Camps

Source: To fully reconcile The Boer War is to fully understand the ‘BLACK’ Concentration Camps

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How to Do A SWOT Analysis on Yourself (And Why You Need One)

Stupid WordPress not Embedding proper anymore so Copy and Paste with Quoting Source 😉 One of the most basic lessons you learn in first year business school is the SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. And it’s a … Continue reading

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Ubuntu- “I am what I am because of who we all are”

Originally posted on Motivation, Inspiration and Life:
“Ubuntu is a philosophy that considers the success of the group above that of the individual.” Stephen Lundin- Ubuntu! The word ‘Ubuntu‘ originates from one of the Bantu dialects of Africa, and is…

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Beautiful advice from a divorced man after 16 years of marriage

Originally posted on love story from the male perspective:
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What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content

Originally posted on Lorelle on WordPress:
Having been the target of copyright thieves, and working with writers, authors, and photographers on copyright protection and laws for over 25 years, I thought I’d talk a little about what to do when…

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Get ready for the coming employment roller coaster

Originally posted on Gigaom:
We have a serious problem, a very, very serious problem and its related to how we recruit, hire, train, and retain employees for many modern and critical roles. Based on anecdotal evidence I believe we are…

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