Scientists Have Finally Discovered Why Consuming Red Meat Causes Cancer

Personally I think it has more to do with the steroids being fed to livestock, to bulk up the meat and increase mass quickly due to demand, than some sugar as per this finding.


Maybe it will be discovered that this sugar is deemed foreign my human immune response because it is in saturated bond with the aforementioned steroids.

Let me not even start on the purpose of preservatives in food and what effect it has on the digestive systems 🙂

Here is the link to the findings:

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FIX BLANK: Windows 7 – Turn Windows features on or off

Download and install:

System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 7 (KB947821) {175Mb}]

from the following URL:

NOTE: If still blank, Restart windows and check again


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Beautiful advice from a divorced man after 16 years of marriage

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7 Forms of Exploitation and how to spot them.



SPOT THE TRAFFIK: A tool to equip community members and frontline professionals to identify and help victims of trafficking.

A local authority employee may be the only person to enter a house and see someone who is trapped and being exploited. STOP THE TRAFFIK has always believed that community members, in particular frontline professionals, are critical agents of change in the fight to disrupt trafficking routes and uncover hidden victims.

Funded by the Home Office and developed with Sea Communications, STOP THE TRAFFIK is excited to announce the launch of SPOT THE TRAFFIK, a pioneering multimedia tool. This new resource includes free online materials and the opportunity for face-to-face training.

This innovative project provides a clear, accessible route for frontline professionals to get informed and equipped about what to look for so they are alert for indicators that are…

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All that glitters…

5000+ Child Labourers !!


If you check the packaging of many cosmetic products you may see ‘Mica’ listed among many other ingredients. This is the most common mineral used in mineral make-up, giving lip gloss, foundation, powder, eye-shadow and nail-polish its sleek shimmer.

What it doesn’t list in the ingredients is that children risk their lives to put this sparkle into western cosmetics.

Thousands of children as young as six are involved in the “illegal” collection of Mica from the soil before it is exported to major brands in the West.

Collecting Mica involves working in the mines of Jharkland and Bihar, India, which are often 3 to 4 kilometres deep into the jungle, where the pieces of Mica can be found within the mud on the ground. Retrieving the particles involves repeatedly digging up mud, sieving it, setting aside anything valuable and moving onto the next bit.

Mica mining has multiple dangers and…

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How to manage a Google Calendar with LEGOs and a smartphone



Project managers take note: A smartphone and a set of LEGOs could help you better manage your Google(s goog) Calendar. That’s exactly what the team at Vitamins Design is doing and it plans to make the solution available to all in the near future.

The idea is to have a tangible, physical way to track projects and then translate the milestones, tasks and meetings related to a project through shared Google Calendars. After much thought, Vitamins Design settled on LEGO bricks that attach to wall-mounted boards. Each row of boards represents a month and each LEGO brick equals a half-day block on the calendar.

LEGO calendar

If the calendar needs updating, you simply add, remove or move LEGO bricks and then snap a picture of the wall with a smartphone. The resulting image is then emailed to a special address where the image is scanned for the different colored bricks and software…

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Hewlett Packard may offer an OpenStack distribution of its own

My Favourite kind of cloud, OpenStack 😉


It’s not news that Hewlett Packard(s hpq) has its own version of OpenStack, called Cloud OS. HP uses it to run an internal cloud sandbox that customers can use to test out applications and it also runs on HP’s Project Moonshot servers. What is new is that HP may make that Cloud OS available externally as yet another OpenStack distribution, company executives said Tuesday.

openstacklogoThe decision has not been made, but Saar Gillai, SVP of HP’s Converged Cloud group, said the company has seen tremendous demand for its particular flavor of OpenStack.

“Even companies that want to build telco equipment say ‘I want the distro I tried in the sandbox versus what’s out there from the various Linux vendors,'” he said.

Linux vendors that also offer OpenStack distributions are Red Hat(s rhat), Canonical/Ubuntu and SUSE, once part of Novell and now owned by Attachmate.

How many OpenStacks do we really…

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